Daughter Air Studios

Daughter – 4AD Air Studios Session EP

April 19, 2014

Last year Team SGTMT had a turbulent relationship with Daughter, one of our favourite acts…

Young Romance

Young Romance – Pale / Break My Heart By Morning

April 13, 2014

Yesterday seemed like a lovely day for a day trip. So Team SGTMT got on our pushbikes and set off on a leisurely ride from London to Brighton.

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso – Coffee

March 27, 2014

Today Team SGTMT are going out for pizza. The original plan was coffee, but pizza is a sizeable upgrade we think you’ll all agree.

Wye Oak

Wye Oak – Glory

March 19, 2014

Today Team SGTMT had a lunchtime yogurt mishap.

As part of our ongoing drive for a healthier, happier workforce, Team SGTMT are being encouraged to eat healthily and take exercise. Yogurts are The Leadership’s latest idea for keeping trim, this next period in our Happier Living Programme beginning only yesterday with a toffee yogurt (we know but they’re tasty shut up). The endeavour continued today when we took an excursion deep into strawberry yogurt territory.

They don’t warn us about exploding yogurts though, do they?

Woman's Hour

Woman’s Hour – Her Ghost

February 26, 2014

It’s a beautiful day out there guys. Yet we’re inside missing it. What would our mothers say?

We’ll go outside in a minute, perhaps to ride our bicycles. Team SGTMT did that a lot as children and it led to many an adventure, most notably the time we stumbled upon an abandoned airfield and, inside a dusty bullet-holed hangar, found the local drug baron’s stash of hard cash. His ill-gotten gains. Left unattended. Schoolboy error. We looked at each other, eyes wide in delight and hearts pounding and considered what to do.


Tourist – I Can’t Keep Up (feat. Will Heard)

February 21, 2014

Tourist is one of our favourites at SGTMT Headquarters.

Whenever he visits he always takes his shoes off. He never puts his tea mug down without a coaster. And he brings biscuits. Let us tell you there are some other pop stars who could take a leaf out of his book. Kanye, we’re looking at you here. You’ve been round here how many times now? And still no biscuits. Not once. Rude.


Keep an eye on… Shura

February 12, 2014

We’ve spent just one day with Shura and we’re smitten. Like when we first tasted butterscotch flavour Angel Delight. It was instant, um, delight. Except this time no matter how much we enjoy it over and over again we don’t throw up over our mother’s favourite cushion.


Kwabs – Wrong Or Right

February 5, 2014

It was Tubemagaddon in London today everyone. Queues everywhere. Closed stations. Gridlocked traffic. Chaos reigned. CHAOS.

In the end it took just an hour and half for society to break down. Feral commuters abandoned briefcases and tore through the streets looking for roadkill to feast on, their suits shredded and filthy with mud and, in some cases, the blood of other slower commuters. It was like a scene from, um, I don’t know like I guess ‘Falling Down’ or something but with more protagonists, and more rain.


KHUSHI – Phantoms

January 22, 2014

Team SGTMT are on HOLIDAY. We’ve got HOLIDAY FEVER. Two whole weeks away from the mines, and it’s fun-packed already. So far we’ve eaten bolognese for breakfast, ridden our bicycles, done some washing and been to Birmingham. WHAT AN ADVENTURE. If we all died right now we’d die happy.

There’s loads of time left but judging by what we’ve done this morning we’re going to spend all of it sat in the SGTMT Canteen listening to KHUSHI.

Daniel Wilson

Keep an eye on… Daniel Wilson

December 18, 2013

We’ve been gathering every morning in the SGTMT Listening Room to sing together, a ritual aimed at boosting our morale and team spirit before a hard day chopping firewood and preparing snacks to keep the blog going over the festive season. We tried carols for a couple of days, but they’ve gotten annoying. Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ gave yesterday a really good start. But today we’ve been singing something really special, from our new friend Daniel Wilson.


MSMR – Think Of You (HAERTS remix)

December 12, 2013

This week Team SGTMT discovered a small fire outside our Headquarters.

It was probably set by hoodlums. Young people these days are out of control aren’t they? Broken Britain.

Tove Lo

Keep an eye on… Tove Lo

December 2, 2013

At SGTMT we love making lists.

Without them we’d get nothing done. With them we’re relaxed, there’s no more worrying we’ll forget something important (buy snacks/turn the bath taps off/make a snowball and put it in the freezer to surprise someone in June before all the snow melts). Lists make us better people. Fitter, happier, more productive.

Ocean Calling

Ocean Calling – Far West

November 21, 2013

We’re imagining twirling the giant sheepdog around the room, as it stands on its hind legs, ballroom style. It looks into our eyes and it’s like life is a fairytale that even doggy breath can’t ruin.

Rosie Lowe

Rosie Lowe – Right Thing

November 6, 2013

Today, huddled around the cooker in the canteen at SGTMT Headquarters, the team were discussing life.

We’d talked via video-link to pals who were not having the best of times and we were considering our lot and thinking, well, life is not so bad eh chaps. There’s always someone worse off than you it seems. Then Tim looked down and realised the bacon we were cooking was burning. I panicked, and started shouting about the bacon, pointing out that it was indeed burning, thus providing a key service to all members of the team by ensuring they were fully abreast of the situation. Tim was paralysed by indecision. Someone had to take charge.


KHUSHI – Magpie

October 26, 2013

We’ve discovered KHUSHI and we’re IN LOVE.

Tycho - Awake

Tycho – Awake

October 16, 2013

Team SGTMT have had two dinners each for two days running now. Is that normal?

Maybe it’s winter drawing in and the cold requiring our bodies to have more Oreos (other tasty biscuits of joy are available) to burn for fuel. Maybe it’s the fact we’re a bit ill and we need more mini Crunchies (other mini chocolate bars of joy are available) from a Christmas Selection pack which we won in a recent competition but suspect are actually from last year to help our bodies fight infection.

Or maybe we just really like eating food and find it hard to stop. Who cares, as long as we’re happy.


Poliça – Smug

September 25, 2013

Last night, whilst the rest of Team SGTMT were writing an impassioned, well-reasoned and considered opinion piece ['In Defence Of Music Blogs'] this writer was heading up to the top of Hampstead Heath… There was trouble.


SOHN – Lessons

September 11, 2013

A genuine crisis has engulfed SGTMT Headquarters in the last few minutes faithful readers.

First we discovered the great news that the London-born, Vienna-dwelling electronica genius SOHN was visiting his old hometown for a live date in November. Then we realised we have a prior engagement on the same date which we can’t extricate ourselves from. What a rollercoaser; Ronan was right. Crisis.

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira – You’re Not The One

September 9, 2013

Team SGTMT took a trip down to Devon this weekend, to see one of our best pals get married.

It’s really nice down there you know, lots of fresh air, cows and wasps. We had a great time. Except for the moment where we’d had everyone waiting in the pouring rain without coats for fifteen minutes and realised we’d sent the taxi to the wrong farm. LOL COME ON GUYS IT’S JUST A BIT OF WATER.


MØ & Diplo – XXX 88

August 29, 2013

Do you reckon we’re such consummate pros that we can work that much and still write something witty and whimsical about this new tune from Danish pop sensation MØ and Diplo?

Snow Ghosts

Snow Ghosts – And The World Was Gone (Calibre remix)

August 24, 2013

Last night SGTMT Headquarters took delivery of the biggest Chinese takeaway to date. The ribs were pretty incredible. The duck thing was really good. We ordered far too much rice. Nobody ate the prawn crackers.

This morning we’ve woken up a little lethargic as a result, and we’ve opened the curtains to find our corner of London is pretty wet and getting wetter. There’s no fun in going out to play when it’s raining, so we’re going to stay in all day and listen to records.


Poliça – Chain My Name

August 19, 2013

Our love affair with Poliça got another shot in the arm today when we heard new single Chain My Name.

Active Child

Active Child – She Cut Me

August 13, 2013

I was an active child. I used to spend a lot of time outdoors, mostly riding a bike. Sometimes I’d be riding it into drains to my near death. Sometimes I’d ride around a mini-bike track that my pals and I had made (including one other writer at SGTMT who helped me devise a special green, amber and red alert system and weapon stash for keeping it safe from intruders). I’d return home worn out and covered in mud, squished berries, thorns and bugs.

Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival 2013 – Review

July 22, 2013

We sent intrepid reporter Tom to this year’s Latitude Festival. Here’s his report, featuring Beach House, Alt-J, Local Natives, James Blake, Daughter, Disclosure and bloody loads more acts.

Disclosure and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Disclosure – F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)

July 17, 2013

Putting your pillow in the fridge. Taking a cold shower. Having an ice bath. Buying a handheld fan. Getting all the windows and doors open. Not wearing clothes. Going to bed still damp with cold water. Eating ice cream. Telling yourself you’re not on fire in the hope your body will believe you.

None of it works does it?

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