SGTMT – Autumn Playlist

House of Wolves

We’re back! Not really.

Some music we’ve been enjoying so far this Autumn.

Daniel Woolhouse – Map Of The Moon

Fka Deptford Goth. New album out on the 22nd October. We’ve already heard it. It’s amazing.

Girl Ray – Trouble


King Nun – Tulip

18 year old snot punk. As in, they’re 18. It wasn’t released 18 years ago. Duh.

David Douglas – Lucine

Can’t get enough of this.

Computer Magic – Dimensions

Love this.

House of Wolves – Oh You Little One

The solo project of Rey Villalobos. We say that like we’re familiar with his non-solo project. Y’know, all that other stuff. The famous stuff. Yep. WAIT! The ex-Chelsea & Spurs manager. That’s the fella. Gee, quite a career change.

Youandewan feat. Huerta – Left On Lucy


Tiny Dinosaurs – Sit and Stare

Love this.

Röyksopp – Never Ever ft. Susanne Sundfør

Röyksopp are ageing well. Just like a good… something that ages well. A wine I guess. Like a good Jacob’s Creek. I don’t do wine.

Tall Ships – Meditations on Loss

They’re back! We’re big Tall Ships fans.

CUT_ – Tune In Tune Out


John K. Samson – Postdoc Blues

Him of The Weakerthans.

St. Tropez – Which Side Are You On

Also likeable.