Teleman – Brilliant Sanity


Teleman were formed out of the ashes of Reading band Pete and the Pirates in 2012. Not interesting trivia: one of our cousins went to school with some of the members of Pete and the Pirates. Serious. I know. Not sure which ones though, so one of our cousins may have also gone to school with some of the members of Teleman. We really can’t say. As in, we’re not able to say because we, like, don’t know.

Teleman’s first album Breakfast was a minor success on Moshi Moshi but Brilliant Sanity promises to elevate Teleman to another level. Wait. Stop thinking about Dane Bowers. Nuts.

Opening track Düsseldorf is like a well proportioned man carefully fitted into some recently washed skinny jeans. Y’know the feeling; everything is snug, tight and just about comfortable but on the verge of, well… Ok, so this analogy isn’t working. Look, it’s good.

Fall In Time was the original release from the album back in December. It’s brooding, bristling, slightly foreboding number that showcases lead vocalist Tommy Sanders at his ominous best.

Glory Hallelujah & title track Brilliant Sanity signal a shift in mode and begin to usher in the albums trademark Mellotron & Kork synth sounds that set this apart from the first album Breakfast.

The aggressive Tangerine also stands out but arguably the standout track is the spacious and shadowy Drop Out.

Gee, this album is something.

Pre-order the album on iTunes here. It’s out on the 8th April.