Alma Elste – Limitless

Alma Elste

Next week Team SGTMT are decamping to Paris to spend a solid few days mooching around coffee shops and learning how to smoke searching out new music for our loyal followers.

Team SGTMT are a well-travelled bunch. We once took a trip to Blackpool, out of season, where the roller-coasters turn out to be bigger than they look from the ground and the shops on the seafront have gigantic signs that get refreshingly straight to the point, increasingly so the further along the promenade you travel: “BUDGET BOOZE AND SOUVENIRS AVAILABLE HERE“, then, “CUT PRICE BEER AND CIGARETTES HERE“, culminating in our favourite; “WE SELL FAGS!“.

We also went to Cardiff once for a football match. And hmm let’s see, oh once we went to Brighton for an ice cream too. Ok so you can see that travel is in our blood.

We chose Paris because of Alma Elste. We saw Alma in a cramped, dingy venue in East London a few years ago and loved her. You’ll remember her for this genuine craaaacker of a tune, Heart Melter:

Cor, Alma that is a proper smasher. She’s back with Limitless:

She’s coming over here to visit us too, in Hackney on 29th February. Let’s all go?


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