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Hands up if you’re a big Efterklang fan? We tried that this morning at SGTMT HQ and all of us put our hands up. Our new kitten, Junior, dropped his sardine and put his paw up. The postman knocked on the door and when we opened it he had his hand up. It was unanimous. We’ll all be doing the same thing for Liima soon.

After bringing the Efterklang project to an end as we knew it in 2014, the band said “It is time to reflect and move forward. We want to change what it means to be Efterklang and how we operate, create and perform.” Since then they’ve embarked on a plethora of different projects, taking in an opera, a radio station, and now a new act; Liima.

Efterklang’s Casper, Mads and Rasmus joined with Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö to form Liima in the summer of 2014, and their debut LP ii is due on 4AD on 18th March. The LP, which sounds nothing like you’re expecting, is the result of time spent writing and recording in residency at various locations around the world – the material recorded live and without overdubs. Listen to the first offering from the LP, Amerika:

Last night Team SGTMT joined a handful of people at the first night of their London residency, where the band are using the same process to write and record material for what will form their second LP. It was a pretty special experience.

After inadvertently breaching their watertight security detail just by asking for directions we joined the band in their intimate studio space and realised we’d burst in on them eating dinner (sorry Casper). What followed was a remarkably intimate look at an act creating material with, literally, no barrier between themselves and their audience.

Liima in London

We were able to witness works being created at close quarters, walk all around the band, show our appreciation of the sound, drink their tea. The aim of this setup being to dispel some of the mystique around the recording process and, in turn, let the listeners impact the resulting material. It’s a fresh approach and, having heard the first half of ii, one which results in some tremendous music. (Wearing bathrobes makes it even more intimate, don’t you think?)

The residency culminates in a performance on Wednesday and we are very excited. The band are returning to tour the UK and Europe in March. Team SGTMT and Junior will see you there.

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