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It’s been a sad time at SGTMT Headquarters.

Sad because the building’s elderly landlord recently passed away. He’d been a fixture of the building for decades (especially so since they chopped one of his legs off last year). He was a warm and reassuring, if unpredictable, presence around here and often remarked at the amount of records Team SGTMT had delivered to the building. Eventually he became certain we were intending to become the music equivalent of the British Library and hold a copy of every single release in our vaults.

In his memory we’ve been listening to those records (and climbing the stairs quietly, people stomping up them was one entry on the huge list of things he hated).

Matt has been working his way through the Dire Straits back catalogue. We all like Dire Straits. Tim used his turn to play punk rock covers of old TV theme tunes. We all like those too. I used up all of my turn by playing Daughter‘s new ditty, on repeat:

Numbers is taken from Daughter’s second LP, Not To Disappear, released on 15th January via 4AD/Glassnote. That’s next Friday!

Not To Disappear has crept right up our list of records we’re looking forward to since the band’s recent show at St Johns Church in Hackney, a triumph which showed they’ve found the balance between the delicate, tender nuances we love the band for and a little extra oomph which enhances the live experience. We really, really, loved it and Numbers stood out, with its thunderous bass and rattling drums. It’s a little softer on the release, so, if you like your music with a little kick in the chest make sure you head out to one of their forthcoming live shows.

Order Not To Disappear here:
iTunes (with instant download of Numbers and Doing The Right Thing) or CD/LP.


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