Music we missed last month #10


A whole bunch of music we missed. I mean, there’s loads more besides, but this is the stuff that evaded our gmail filter. Include any of these words and your email will be automatically deleted: ‘Nashville’, ‘Funk’, ‘Country’, ‘Mumford’ or ‘Norwich’.

Hope you’ve learned your lessons.


The Brinks – Temporary Fix


Imaginary People – Agata

Ok, this is seven months old. We hardly missed it ‘this month’ but it’s our blog. So go away. It’s amazing.

Pixel Fix – I Want You The Same

Everyone is talking about Pixel Fix. Poptronica or summat.

ticktock – Pastel Clouds

Not sure we’re cool enough to blog this.

Alex Feder – Whatever Forever

A video of me dancing.

Over Sands – New Year


Kaptan – Way Out

Feel good.

Phantom – Over

Something Lord of the Rings about this. If Frodo was into electronica.

Honne – Gone Are The Days


Khushi – Stories

Oh Khushi, so good to have you back.

False Nines – Can’t Afford To Wonder

Steve Lamacq won’t shut up about this lot.

BRNS – The Way Up

The next big Belgian band.

Dolores Haze – Crazy About Me

Lo-fi punk right out of Sweden. Love it.

Rare Monk – California

A great return from Rare Monk. Their new EP is a real treat.

Silent Runners – Again

So 80s. Having been born in the 80s (just) I approve.