Music we missed last month #9

Sundara Karma

Hey. So we weren’t paying attention again last month and missed this lot.

Twilight Sad – Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave (Òran Mór Session)

Don’t cry.

B/U/B/B – Hate Culture

Two chaps from Brighton. Love this:

Blackalicious – The Blow Up

New Blackalicious. This is no Swan Lake but worth a listen all the same.

Big Grams – Lights On

Big Boi meets Phantogram. Wait? What? Really? Yep. Really don’t know. Thoughts people? THOUGHTS?

Kyla La Grange – So Sweet

I don’t remember Kyla sounding like this before. This is better though.

Axel Flovent – Beach

Now for something completely different.

Beau – C’mon Please


Sundara Karma – Vivienne

Everyone’s talking about…

Youth Lagoon – Highway Patrol Stun Gun

Thank you Youth Lagoon Thank you.

SPORTS – Get Bummed Out



This is amazing.