CHINAH – Away From Me


It’s all change at SGTMT Headquarters. Our lodger is moving out a new one is moving in.

Life is suddenly full of uncertainty. Will the new lodger like our snacks? Will they like our snacks too much and eat them all in the night? Are they good at cooking, or will our current regime of cereal and toast remain? Last night we all sat up late on our bunk beds pondering these things and more, and trying to keep calm.

What if they spot our collection of cassette tapes with shows recorded off the radio – will they report us to the Police? We can’t afford another scrape with the law, we’ve only just got all of the mud out of the carpet from the last one. What if they don’t like watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives? We may as well sell the TV if they don’t.

We all needed a stiff drink and a listen to a song we all find calming, so we turned to Copenhagan-based trio CHINAH:

Ahh, that’s better.

Wait. They better like music.


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