Keep an eye on – Lastlings


Lastlings are bro / sis duo Amy Dowdle & Joshua Dowdle from Australia. That’s kinda all we know, next to didiley squat. We could probably find out more but that would involve, y’know, like effort and that. Eurgh. However, what more do you know need to know after listening to Verona:

Lastlings specialise in the dreamiest of dream pop. So dreamy that you couldn’t call them a sun-setter artist; the sun has already set, we’re in the twilight hours and the first glimmers of a new dawn shimmer through the night sky. Lastlings’ gentle, soothing melodies are those playful whispers of the coming dawn.

They’re at first soothing and unthreatening but quickly become quite addictive. Repeat, repeat, repeat etc. New favourite band etc. (insert platitudes here).

Their new release Wavelength doesn’t disappoint either: