LUWUM – A Weird Flash


It’s our birthday today. We’re five. FIVE. Can you believe it? The present is in the post right? You didn’t forget did you? Nah, no way. NO WAY would you guys forget.

I mean… What. Oh. So it’s like that is it? Fine. We’ll eat all the jelly and ice-cream then. Don’t worry, we’re fine by ourselves. Tom looks great in his party hat and Tim is covered in glitter. We’ll just party on listening to our Phil Collins back catalogue. Just us. Us and Phil.

To herald in our 6th year we’ve decided to go all lo-fi on y’all. Here is LUWUM.

LUWUM, once of Texas now based in Seattle, is also known Jesse K Miller and is about to release his second album Places Worn.

Places Worn is a delightful cacophony of homely folk ballads and atmospheric end-of-the-evening cigar lighters. Throughout it’s punctuated by a heartfelt journey delicately led by Jesse’s measured but yet hazily stretched vocal.

Every feeling has an end, but the timing is never right, letting go is hard to do