White Reaper – Pills

White Reaper

Let us introduce you to White Reaper. Their debut album White Reaper Does It Again is due out next month.

They’ve spent the last year on tour with the likes of Deerhoof & Young Widows. Tony Esposito (he’s in the band) described the experience like this: “We went all over the country and grew our hair out a little bit”. Wild.

Their press release says; “they have more fun on a Tuesday night than you do on a Saturday”. My Tuesday nights are MEGARUMBLETASTIC ok. Like, I boiled the kettle just now and in a moment I might make myself a tea. PG Tips. I’ve not decided yet though, yeah check me. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. WHO KNOWS? Perhaps I’ll have a coffee instead (decaf mind, it’s the evening of course. If I have full strength I’ll be up till like 10.15 or summat).

Gee, the cheek of some people.

OK. Listen up.


Make Me Wanna Die:


I Don’t Think She Cares