Sun Angels – United Kingdom

Sun Angels

This is unexpected.

At SGTMT HQ we like pigeon holes. Letters for Tom go in ‘Tom’s Pigeon Hole’. The marmite goes on the shelf above the toaster. Our CDs are alphabetised by artist first initial (not including ‘The’), DVDs are stacked by year of release and our vinyl is arranged by colours of the rainbow. Luke’s coats are hung by latest fashion trend. Tim’s verruca creams are strictly quarantined under the bath and Tim is only allowed to enter the house once wearing protective footwear.

We like order. We like to know where things are and we like to know where things should be. We like to know what something is and where it should live. Yet, there is no pigeon hole, tidy home or neat category in which to put Sun Angels. They’re just better. Better than what we can’t rightly say, just better.


See? I have no appropriate definitions – it’s just the business. Listen again, and again. Then listen some more. You’ve stopped listening? Fool. LISTEN. DO IT.

The full United Kingdom EP