Black Honey – The Taste

black honey

Black Honey like to remain reasonably anonymous. Though I guess you can’t be reasonably anonymous, you either are or you are not. Like being ‘a little pregnant’. Anyway. Were where we? Somewhere for sure.

So, we don’t know much about Black Honey. They’re from Brighton, we’re from Brighton (at least we were anyhow) so, like, snap or summat. We know little else, though, apparently they’ll happily communicate directly with fans via Whatsapp. True story (maybe). Give it a try +447578533359.

Their sound has a faint yet favourable 20s Music Hall echo. We’re not sure why but listen and you’ll agree. Basically, Black Honey have a big future. They seem soothingly familiar whilst at the time exhibiting a freshness and vitality that bodes well for future successes. We like ’em.

They’ve racked up 3 releases so far. Take a peek.

The Taste:


Sleep Forever: