Summer Heart – Sleep

summer heart

It’s been a frantic week at SGTMT HQ. There was that incident with Tim and the dubstep flag dance. The less said about that the better (MY EYES, MY EYES. WOE IS ME). Also, we’ve been busy revamping the blog. What do you think? Nice huh?

Actually we don’t really think it’s all that. But, we got no money and no skillz. Yo. So dis the best yo get in da hood. Or something.

Fortunately, the music rolls on regardless. This is our 1088 post. If you’re read all of those then, well, we’re sorry.

ANYWAY, the music. Yeah, so Summer Heart is David Alexander from Sweden. Cue laboured cliches about summer fields, hazy evenings, drinking cherry pop out of buttercups etc.

Blah, blah. LISTEN: