MAN MADE – TV Broke My Brain

We had an incident with a Pelican today in SGTMT HQ. You see, last week we had a team outing to the zoo. It was great. Tim loved the bears, Matt loved the sea lions, Luke loved the dodos and Tom… Well, Tom loved the pelicans. Tom loved the pelicans a lot.

In fact, Tom loved the pelicans so much he stole one. Y’know that mythical story about that kid stealing a penguin. Yeah, that story. Well imagine Tom (who is a slight wee fella anyway) with a penguin stuffed into his Thundercat rucksack. Inconspicuous.

Somehow we got Perseus (that’s what Tom named him. It means ‘destroy’ or summat in Greek. What that has to do with Pelicans is a whole other story) back to HQ. Perseus then eat all the goldfish in our fish pond, all the trout in our stream and all the bourbon biscuits from Bacchus (Bacchus is the name of our biscuit tin, obviously).

It was all getting a bit tense and then we remembered. We remembered that pelicans love music, in particular indie-rock three pieces from Manchester.

Perseus the pelican loves MAN MADE. You should too.

Oh, yeah check this video:

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Post by Matt Simmonds