Nimmo And The Gauntletts – Others

Nimmo And The Gauntletts are a London based five-piece. We like ’em, like, y’know… something that would make a fitting analogy for something that we really like that would make you think we also really like Nimmo And The Gauntletts. For instance; Marmite. Or, perhaps Bovril. Not to drink though mind, that’s for aged northern folk, only to spread. On toast, maybe bread.

They’ve just signed to Columbia (not the nation) and this next release is going out on Kitsuné (not a French cat).

We’ve not heard much else from Nimmo (not a fish) and the gang here at SGTMT HQ. Admittedly our musical radar has been out of action recently (Tom tried to use it to unblock the shower plughole, Tim decided to veet all his body hair and it caused the mother of all blockages). Don’t worry we’ll get it working again soon. Where were we?

Nimmo And The Gauntletts might well be your new favourite band. Their brooding urgency belies an obviously well attuned pop sensibility that comes out bold and strong through their winsome harmonies and general indie genius.


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Post by Matt Simmonds