Alice Boman – Over

Every time Alice Boman releases a track the likelihood is we’ll get excited, drink too much fizzy pop and then write a non-sensical article equating Alice to a pod of Minke whales hunting North Atlantic kippers.

Or, we’ll be lost for words and make up some drivel just to fill a few paragraphs as we can’t find anything adequate to say next to the somber peace that is Alice. We could try maybe. We could try and turn SGTMT into some form of reputable music publication but two things preclude us from doing this:

1. No-one actually reads music blogs. They just scroll to the bottom and press play / download whatever. Prove us wrong and go ahead and comment. Come on, do it. DO IT. COMMENT. DO IT NOW.

2. I can’t remember the 2nd reason.

3. We have the journalistic ability of a Minke whale. One with a bust flipper and a liking for swallowing the Spanish crew of Atlantic fishing trawlers. That analogy makes no sense I know – THAT’S THE POINT. (Or is it… Maybe there is a hidden meaning nestled in there somewhere. Something insightful & provocative – some sort of bold political statement about the dangers of music but with, like, an environmental slant.) There isn’t.

4. What is the list even about? Seriously, it was about something. Anyone know?

7. (Say something intelligent. Your Auntie reads this yeah? You know, the one with the degree who reads the Guardian.)

5. Is it ‘I’ or ‘We’. Who am I? Who is writing this? What is SGTMT? IS IT GOING TO RAIN TODAY OR BE SUNNY?

6. We’re busy. Leave us alone.

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Post by Matt Simmonds