Keep an eye on… Shura

Oh boy.

Oh boy oh boy.

We’ve spent just one day with Shura and we’re smitten. Like when we first tasted butterscotch flavour Angel Delight. It was instant, um, delight. Except this time no matter how much we enjoy it over and over again we don’t throw up over our mother’s favourite cushion.

First there was Touch which seemed to take Shura’s breathy voice, smear it over the silky sound of Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe (this writer’s favourite album of last year), add a dash of A Real Hero‘s instant-grab-your-attention factor and pop it out the other side. Heck, it’s so moreish. Get yourself a load of this:

I know, right? Good god. We swooned. Then we stumbled upon Shura’s remix of Sivu’s Bodies:

We. Love. Those. Drums.

And there’s Hiatus’ Cloud City, which featured Shura, too:


Shura is the second person we’ve written about in a week who turns out to be a friend of one of those people who keep visiting SGTMT Headquarters to ‘borrow’ sugar and biscuits. THE WORLD IS DEFINITELY SHRINKING AND IT NEEDS OUR HELP. Or, the group of people visiting SGTMT Headquarters to ‘borrow’ sugar and biscuits is growing. Let’s examine the facts. This is the third year running our sugar and biscuit budget has been overspent, despite year-on-year above-inflation increases. And our commute is taking just as long. Right so it’s the sugar and biscuits thing, not the world. That’s good news overall we suppose, but the budget is becoming a real issue now.

Let’s not worry about it and just listen to this again:



There’s now this video for Touch with loads of people kissing in it:

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