Keep an eye on: Wooden Saints

Amsterdam based Wooden Saints are a 10 piece band… WAIT! Hold the phones people, 10 piece did you say? Yep, 10 (ten) pieces, like one of those packs of frozen fish you can buy at Aldi but, like, with musicians not fish.

We thought that the two piece outfit was all the rage these days. With all those clever computer gadgetry thingys and electronic recording / playback twiddly knob clicky buttons, we thought that less people & more noise was the future (easier to split the £2.75 they’ll get from spotify). Fortunately Wooden Saints ignored the present status quo and marched forward as a ten-some.

You might think that too many cooks spoils the musical broth but thankfully the ten saints instead have brewed a sublime cacophony of almost orchestral complexity and somehow kept it simple enough, even slight enough, to retain a pleasing popular appeal.

The soaring heights of What If The Parachute Won’t Hold best illustrate the saints at their most captivating and dramatic. Layer after layer rolls in, builds, then pauses, and then escalates once more. We love it.

Also from their second album You Were The One Who Volunteered don’t miss Alpha Bravo Charlie Disco:

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Post by Matt Simmonds