Keep an eye on: Girl Band

The start of 2014 at SGTMT HQ has mainly consisted of squabbles over the remaining dry roast peanuts, disputes over our new ‘shared’ Disney character socks collection (Tom keeps hogging the Sleeping Beauty ones) and the unfulfilled yearning for new music.

Fortunately, we ate all the peanuts; we’ve killed Tom (don’t mess with a man and his socks) and new music has begun appearing following the holiday break.

First up to keep an eye on in the new year is Irish band Girl Band.

Let’s be clear straight from the outset – none of them are girls. Apart from that we know little else about them. Though, we’re told their musical influence is ‘Daft Punk’. Ok.

Their debut EP France 98 is, well, it’s what electric guitars were made for. Full on gritty distortion, a driving aggression but with enough live to lift out of the dreary dirge of other lesser noise-rock bands. To describe it more accurately; if a pod of mildly discontented Walruses were to make music this would surely be the result.

Most brilliant of all is this new single Layman:

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Post by Matt Simmonds