Keep an eye on… Daniel Wilson

SGTMT Headquarters is all covered in decorations, there’s more champagne in the Canteen fridge than any other liquid, and more cheese than any other foodstuff, there’s a neat row of cards from other blogs (and our mothers) bringing us glad tidings, everything on the Internet is a list. IT’S DEFINITELY CHRIIIISTMAS!

We’ve been gathering every morning in the SGTMT Listening Room to sing together, a ritual aimed at boosting our morale and team spirit before a hard day chopping firewood and preparing snacks to keep the blog going over the festive season. We tried carols for a couple of days, but they’ve gotten annoying. Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ gave yesterday a really good start. But today we’ve been singing something really special, from our new friend Daniel Wilson. This is ‘Will You’:

I tell you, the three of us (Luke came round for tea at the weekend but we think he’s seeing someone else now) made a heavenly noise. Especially on that bit from about 1:30 onwards. Just gorgeous.

We loved Daniel’s earlier work:

Oh, wait. Different guy.

Shout out to Crack In The Road blog for introducing us to Daniel. Look out for his ‘Young Rubbish’ EP coming in March on Zap Records.

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