Best Music Blogs of 2013

Back in the day (last year), SGTMT used to take part in a poll of the ‘Best Music Blogs’. This popular poll was hosted by The Recommender music blog which sadly now is somewhere between a long-term hiatus and, well, death (would a joke about the Beatles be inappropriate at this point?).

So, ‘cos, we were all set to nominate our three favourite blogs we decided to just post our nominations here all the same. I guess it’s kinda pointless but that seems to fit with the tone of much of this blog so we decided to press ahead regardless.

First, some introductory comments.

2013 hasn’t exactly been a great year for music blogs. It’s not been dreadful mind, just not much to write home about. Which, incidentally, is the exact wording of Nick Clegg’s Christmas cards.

Several of our favourite blogs (they even had their own bookmarks and that) have either disbanded, gone on a long term break or slowed down to the point of non-existence (think Dimitar Berbatov on a grumpy day).

Also, the role of the music blog seems increasingly sidelined or ignored, receiving barely any coverage or notice in the more prominent elements of the music press. Some elements of the music biz have even railed against us, to which SGTMT responded most wisely here:

In some ways at SGTMT we find the whole current state of music journalism rather lamentable. The publications and stations we once adored are increasingly seemingly dominated by kow-towing to the influence of labels, PR etc. Even the once mighty BBC seem to be slowly shying away from the position as ‘champions of new music’ and now seem more interested in appearing broadly youthful and ‘hip’, like your granddad wearing Reebok Classics.

However, we’ll save that rant for another day and instead turn our attentions to the brotherhood.

SGTMT’s Favourite Blogs

With no further ado let’s introduce our nominees (though, to remind you, there is no actual competition, so these nominations are kinda redundant. Soz yeah).


Because Mark is one of the few people that seems to actually dredge the dark recesses of the dreaded blogger inbox and find the bands the rest of us unthinkingly delete. His habit of encouraging and posting stories from artists too is quite endearing.


Because they reply to our tweets and seem like nice chaps. Also, they have an impeccable taste in music which some might have once unfairly described as ‘lo-fi’ but we find just delightful. On a grey day in the office we often turn to GFP for unfestive cheer.

Crack In The Road

Because these guys have been almost unbeatable in 2013. Post after post of quite deliciousness. Things look good for 2014 too, their ‘214 for 2014’ list is quite remarkable in its depth, knowledge and taste. These guys love and know music better than most (including us).

Shouts to Breaking More Waves;, A New Band A Day; & Drunken Werewolf;


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And finally, a tune we found today on CITR. Thanks guys.