Keep an eye on… Tove Lo

At SGTMT we love making lists.

Without them we’d get nothing done. With them we’re relaxed, there’s no more worrying we’ll forget something important (buy snacks/turn the bath taps off/make a snowball and put it in the freezer to surprise someone in June before all the snow melts). Lists make us better people. Fitter, happier, more productive.

Our favourite lists are the ones we do when we make our New Years Resolutions. Last year Team SGTMT each wrote our resolutions on a magnetic notepad on the fridge door in the SGTMT Headquarters Canteen. Looking back we’ve all done pretty well; Matt has now cut right down to two bowls of Sugar Puffs a day and he’s so much better at netball after his lessons; Tim has stopped spying on the neighbours since that thing with the Police (who helpfully aided him by confiscating his binoculars); Luke has taken up his Bingo and it’s nice to see him finally making new friends at the hall. Personally, I’ve gotten even more good looking, achieved a number of breathtaking personal goals, excelled at everything I’ve put my hand to and essentially spent a year basking in the adulation of friends and strangers alike.

Despite this success one thing that remains on our lists. Amongst the scored out done-and-dusted resolutions there is one which reads “SEE MORE OF THE WORLD”. That means this New Years Eve we’ll put that right at the top of our 2014 lists. That’s the rule in our club.

We’re going to start with Stockholm. Partly because it we love those meatballs you get at Ikea, partly because you can eat reindeer there and partly (bringing to an end this way over the top preamble) to visit Swedish Pop Sensation Tove Lo.

Listen to Habits and you’ll want to come with us:

Eating dinner in the bathtub is a terrible idea though, don’t take that advice. Tried it once. Wet Monster Munch everywhere.

Here’s another; Love Ballad:

Here’s her latest, Out Of Mind:

Tove Lo has an ear for a great hook doesn’t she. Hopefully she knows where the tastiest reindeer burgers are. See you next year!

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Post by Tom