Keep an eye on: Say Yes Dog

Discovering new music remains the raison d’ĂȘtre for this blog. We’re so dedicated to this cause we even got it painted on the wall of our SGTMT HQ kitchen. Though sadly, Tim must read the memo and his stenciled artwork now reads ‘discovering new muscles’ and most mornings he can be found gurning in front of the mircowave trying to catch the puny reflections of his even punier biceps. Ugh.

The latest new band to get SGTMT HQ all, like, ‘yippee’ is the Netherlands based SAY YES DOG. Now I know we often proclaim ‘X’ band (that we promptly forget about and never mention again) as our new favourite thing since coloured vinyl but Say Yes Dog are worthy of such acclaim and will retain our attention, we promise (probably).

They’re currently based in The Hague but Say Yes Dog was founded a couple of year back by two Germans and one Luxembourger. It sounds like a horrid 90s Europop outlet I know but just listen:

A Friend:

Not bad eh? The press blurb says ‘The trio merges danceable synthesizer melodies with great beats, all brought together but Aaron’s warm vocals.’ Yeah, like they said.

Love You Back:

Around My Neck: