Keep an eye on: Ben Khan

Things Ben Khan hasn’t done yet:

1. Release an album / EP
2. Play a gig/show
3. Deliver an interview
4. Confirm Ben Khan is actually his real name
5. Walk. We’re told Ben is in a permanent state of levitation.

We made that last one up.

The point we’re making is that Ben Khan is, like, super new. Yeah. He’s one of these ‘hype’ artists that everyone is, well, hyping about it. Yeah.

‘Palms to the sky on a religious high’ (shall we pass comment?) he sings on his latest track Eden which follows his debut tune Drive (Part 1) that made all the music blogs giggle and swoon. At SGTMT we don’t giggle and swoon; no, no no. We’re way to mature for that. Most likely we’d stare at our feet, inadvertently break wind, make some excuse about ‘manure on them barges on the Thames from them fields’ and then head for the exit sharpish.

What’s happening? Oh yeah, tunes:

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Post by Matt Simmonds