We don’t talk enough about: The Naked And Famous

We have a bad habit of missing bands the first time round. We’d like to offer a valid excuse but, sadly, we have no adequate retort. SGTMT has failed. We’ve failed you our loyal readers and though we can’t know all squidbillion of you personally, as best we try, we still express our remorse and regret.

Now before we descend into elongated SGTMT waffle, a regular feature of this blog which we like to normally excuse as a classy ‘non sequitur’, let’s stop and redirect ourselves onto THE NAKED AND FAMOUS (not literally, yuk).

The acclaimed New Zealand 5-peice are back with a new album In Rolling Waves, the follow up to debut release Passive Me, Aggressive You.

They originally wowed the world with the stand out Young Blood:

All we’ve heard so far of the new album is the quite excellent Hearts Like Ours. It drives and pulses along at a pleasing pace and all glistened with a sparkling bright hopefulness. One of the stand out songs of this year without a doubt:

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Post by Matt Simmonds