Banks – In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel cover) // FREE DOWNLOAD

Holy heck, hold the front page! This writer has apparently been in a deep pit into which no good new music could reach for the last couple of weeks. I’ve looked around, poked all the places which normally produce gems and trawled the internets with zero rewards reaped. Pharrell Williams even posted a remix and it was total pony.

I was just about to hand in my badge when Banks and Peter Gabriel came to the rescue with this gift for her father on Fathers Day, as this note that accompanies the song explains:


I hope he likes it too. I, for one, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! And I only got my Pa a voucher. But, you know, he lives all the way over in America, the postage, you know. And if I made him a song he’d totally hate it. He only likes harmonising folk music played on spoons and bits of wood.

Banks is a talent we are getting very excited about at SGTMT Headquarters, this being the fourth of her offerings we’ve featured. (You can listen to the rest *here* if you haven’t been keeping up). She’s in possession of a quite wonderful voice in our opinion, and her understated production makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. She exudes class. Oh boy.

Take a listen, and download for free below:

Thanks Banks.

Here’s the original by the way:

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Post by Tom Careless