Shine 2009 – Eurozone (CFCF Remix)

Right, here we go. Everyone ready? Hold tight…

Take some angular Finnish dream pop from Shine 2009, get a Canadian producer to remix it, say perhaps CFCF, and THEN add the glitter-dust magical abilities of the Cascine label (they could turn my malfunctioning lawnmower into a hipster musical icon) and you get this:

I’m just, like, totally in love with this tune. It boasts the same styling of some of my favourite 90s breakbeat heroes (think Indian Ropeman) but with layers of electronic warmth and subtle grooves. It’s like cuddles under your Nan’s electric blanket (though, not with your Nan of course). This is the birth of Groovtronica, listen and be enthralled.

The original pre-remix:

More genius from CFCF:

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Post by Matt Simmonds