We don’t talk enough about – Story Books

Sometimes we listen to good music and forget to blog about it, a few months later we come back to it and remember and then a blog is delivered. On other occasions we listen to a band and think: Did we already blog this? Or; did I listen to this already, like it, but then forget to blog about it and now can’t recall listening to it? Yeah, I know our own dumbness is a constant stumbling block. Just come and try and find the ironing board in SGTMT HQ. No idea.

Anyways, Story Books are from Sittingbourne in Kent and are top notch and all that. Maybe we feel like we’ve heard them before as their sound is quite familiar. There is little dazzling new or profound about Story Books, yet their music is particularly endearing, so much so that the familiarity is that of a chance encounter with a long lost friend, a warm and memorable reunion.

A year ago they made waves with Peregrine which made an all too brief appearance on the Radio 1 playlist:

Back in March they reappeared with the even more brilliant Simple Kids:

They’re signed to Communion music and their 4 track EP Too Much A Hunter is out now.

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Post by Matt Simmonds