A to Z of Music Blogs – Breaking More Waves

Here we go again. Last week we began the A to Z with A New Band A Day and today we’re onto, you’ve guessed it, ‘B’.

Now there was some spectacular competition for B, more of which later. We wrestled long and hard with this one, many hours were spent staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep as we anxiously played this momentous decision over and over in our heads. You see, we have the power to dictate the destiny of music blogs. Once the prestigious A to Z is bestowed onto a blog the world is henceforth theirs to be conquered. Wow.

With our internal deliberations complete, we can announce that the ‘B’ goes to Breaking More Waves.


Breaking More Waves began in the summer of 2008 with a quote from Lyndon Johnson (former US President). Not many music blogs can attest to that…

BMW (our abbreviation for purposes of this post) is the child of one Robin Seamer and was once a print publication before an online rebirth. Again, rare in music blog circles. Robin has history, we like that. Though no-one actually knows how old he is. We’re guessing he’ll be getting his bus pass pretty soon.

Frequency and style

Robin is Mr Regular. Expect posts most days at 8.30am; no sooner, no later. If you’re lucky you might also get a post at 17.00 or 17.30, on an extra special day maybe even 22.30. Whatever happens, you won’t get a past at 8.15 or 21.45. Good grief no. We reckon he’s a Bran Flakes fan.

Most pleasing about BMW is that Robin actually writes about music, he loves it. You’ll find wit aplenty, opinions galore and the occasional (ok, frequent) drooling over a pop princess.

Recent artists covered

Now this is where it gets interesting, BMW is, how should we put it, eclectic isn’t quite broad enough. For example in recent days: The Night VI, Ellie Goulding, Arthur Beatrice, Rizzle Kicks, Giant Fang, Laura Welsh, Outfit.

SGTMT verdict

This is less a blog, more a window into the inner workings of Robin’s mind. After a few months of reading the blog you’ll feel like somehow you know Robin, you’ll begin to wonder if perhaps you’ve actually at some point already met, maybe even you’re related. Is Robin all of our long lost cousins as one?

It’s not that Robin writes about himself or indulges in self aggrandizing drivel from his high horse of music criticism (as other sites are prone too), loaded with pale pitchforked punditry and cold cynical critique, that’s not a feature at all. Instead Robin writes as a friend describing his latest passion to other friends, or as a brother to a brother. You can’t help catch his enthusiasm and unbridled joy in the simple pleasure of consuming great tunes.

Don’t overlook this blog because it’s not dressed with the wears of a merry, photoshop abusing hipster. This is a mighty fine blog of passion, vibrancy and pop princesses.

Knocked off the perch

The original ‘B’ in our A to Z was awarded to the superb punk blog Battle of the Midwestern Housewives which still exists and we still love.

Honourable mentions

The Blue Walrus (which rules by the way), blahblahblahscience, Both Bars On, BrooklynVegan.

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Post by Matt Simmonds