A to Z of Music Blogs – A New Band A Day

Good griefness, the A to Z of Music Blogs is back. We first launched this grand endeavour two and a half years ago but then, to our great sadness, many of the original A to Z Blogs began to die, retire, go rubbish etc. So, we decided it was time for another stab, an ALL NEW set of 26 music blogs from A to Z.

I’m all quivery with excitement (either that or I ate too many Garibaldi biscuits again, you know those squashed fly ones?).

So, lets get down to the business. First up is ‘A’ (surprise).

We bring you – A New Band A Day.


A New Band A Day (for brevity’s sake we’ll refer to the site henceforth as ANBAD) has two things we like: firstly; a back story, we like bit of history you see. Secondly; a core belief, a purpose behind the blog. Yes Amigo, dream!

ANBAD is the outworked vision of one Joe Sparrow (once a native of Stoke-On-Trent, UK), who took inspiration from the mighty John Peel and formed this site just over five years ago with the simple premise of, like, a new band every day (geddit?).

Frequency and style

Do we have to spell it our for you? Its pretty obvious fools, basically, every day (you tracking us?) Joe posts a new band. Oh… wait… maybe more like every three or four days…

Don’t just expect a drab Stereogumed sentence of blah, ANBAD actually writes about the music he likes. Bravo!

Recent artists covered

Honey Wild, Pagan Moon, Dalton, Whistlejacket, Sturle Dagsland. Never heard of them? That’s the point, get with the programme people.

SGTMT verdict

We wish our blog was as good as this. Serious. A clear vision, perfectly played out with a splash of panache and personality. ANBAD has good looks (swoon), an easy yet thoughtful writing style and impeccable taste.

ANBAD is what every music blog should be and sadly what few music blogs actually are. There is no chasing the next ‘hype’ band and trying to be first-past-the-post (look even the Tories couldn’t do it, give up people). There is just music that Joe loves, written about with passion and delivered to enlighten, not for traffic.

Knocked off the perch

The original ‘A’ in our A to Z was awarded to AndygoesdowntoChinatown which sadly ceased blogging just over a year ago. RIP.

Honourable mentions

ABEANO, Alphabet Bands, An Aquarium Drunkard.

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Post by Matt Simmonds