Young Hunting – Hazel EP

Bands from Los Angeles have to work twice as hard to impress us. Is that a general rule of just one of team SGTMT? We imagine all musicians from LA to be part human / part rubber. They have glitter balls for eyes and bleed a mixture of champagne and mountain dew. This is all true right?

Of course the city has a rich history of fine music but it’s increasingly plastic persona still hinders our perceptions. Excuse our ignorance and be thankful that our vision is not so skewed to have missed Young Hunting. Before I say anymore listen to Maze:

Now, we’re no Pop Princesses at SGTMT (except Tom of course) but this summer time brand of Dream Pop spins quite delightfully on our gramophone.

Tracks for Hazel were allegedly recorded in various locations around Southern California, including a
former ranger’s station in the Angeles National Forest, Grandma’s Dojo studio in LA’s Koreatown, a rented one-bedroom desert house outside of Joshua Tree. I feel like we should know who Grandma Dojo is and the Joshua Tree, that’s like the Faraway Tree right? You climb to the top and enter a parallel universe inhabited solely by a giant pair of Bono’s sunglasses.

Forget Bono, forget Grandma Dojo; just get lost in the subtleties and slight superphonics of Young Hunting.

Before another utterance, enjoy Baby’s First Steps:

Young Hunting are signed to Gold Robot Records and release the Hazel EP shortly. We’ll be following their progress.

And in closing Wrecking Ball:

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Post by Matt Simmonds