We don’t talk enough about: The Boxer Rebellion

At SGTMT HQ we’ve had a spate of frightening incidents involving Moonlight Shadow (the Mike Oldfield song, not the actual shadow of the moon, though that might make more sense…). First Tom got buried under a mountain of vinyl for a week, A WEEK, whilst trying to locate his copy of the aforementioned record (true story); and then we discovered a Turkish cover version of the song and blogged it (sorry) which nearly ruined our once prestigious reputation.

So the last few days we’ve been in a state of recovery, best described as an ELO / Mike O cold turkey. We needed to wean ourselves away you see, Mike is obviously bad for our collective health (Tom’s ok by the way, he’s chuffed you asked). And when we’re in recovery mode we hunt down our old musical favourites, melodic comfort blankets if you will. This survival period led us to The Boxer Rebellion.

Now it’s not often we blog a globally successful indie band who’ve been around for 12 years, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the extreme stress we’ve been under and forgive us this once. The Boxer Rebellion are one of those peculiar English bands who seem to have gained respect and a size-able following in yankland but remain relatively anonymous back here in the UK (think Bush, remember them?). Sadly we fear history may recall them in a similar fashion to Bush (a poor man’s Nirvana) and forever they’ll be known as a crap version of Coldplay. Ouch. Even if that’s true let’s agree this tune is beyond agreeable:

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Post by Matt Simmonds