Wolf Alice – Bros

Righto chaps, team SGTMT has been a little quiet this week. We’re sorry. Actually we’re not. We deserve a break all right? It’s not like you pay us or anything so cut the aggro.

Hauling us back out of our slumbers is Wolf Alice. Their first release which got everyone all yippee yippee was Fluffy. No, that’s not a description (though you might say) that’s what it was called. We didn’t go for it, sorry and all that but we have certain standards at SGTMT, it has to, like, sound good to us, too. Geddit? Oh grief, not blogging all week has made us rusty…

So, where were we? WOLF ALICE. Yes. They’ve got this new song like and we don’t mind it, actually it’s not too bad. Ok, ok we do really, um, like it. BROS:

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