Cancer Bats //LIVE// Manchester Academy 3, 13th March 2013

March 26, 2013

If you’re a headlining band then I guess you need to be clever about a few different things.

First of all, avoid gigs in toilets.

Second, avoid gigs in Swindon. Simple really.

Thirdly, make sure you pick support acts that make you look awesome. The bands don’t need to suck but they cannot beat you at your own game.

I once saw Muse live (yes, I am sorry. Don’t hate me) and they had Elbow supporting. Now Elbow are a good band and can do it live but they will never out rock Muse and everyone was there to see Muse rock.

Cancer Bats picked two support bands that were perfectly adequate at what they did but couldn’t even get close to the energy of a Cancer Bats show. Not even close. It was like trying to fight Mike Tyson with a teaspoon of jelly.

So I snoozed through the 1st two bands and then on came the Bats and blew Manchester’s Academy 3 to pieces. This won’t be the greatest gig I have ever seen (Beastie Boys in 1998 since you’re asking or was in Rocket From the Crypt? Dammit…….) but it was very very entertaining.

Metal gigs are at there best when they aim to please. I don’t want to be educated or depressed, I want to feel an odd desire to shake booty (I didn’t……I could have done).

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