Keep an eye on… The Colourist

March 14, 2013

Here at SGTMT HQ happiness abounds. We’ve finally got new loo roll (quilted too), Tom’s finally quit biting his nails and Tim has finally discovered deodorant. Good times, finally.

Whilst all these things aid the well-being of planet SGTMT, that’s not the reason for our unseasonal happiness. What has set our hearts a flicker is the discovery of Yank band The Colourist.

The Colourist are from Orange County, California, Yankland. They deliver a silky and succulent blend of populist indie. Think Death Cab following receipt of a well endowed royalty cheque. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes but nor was communism and see what happened to that (oh, wait…).

Getting blogs all over the world hot under the WordPress dashboard – Little Games:

Also, Wishing Well:

You can’t find their tunes on Amazon yet but here is some Colourist Heat Transfer Paint. Find The Colourist on Facebook
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    love this