St. Lucia – Before The Dive (CHVRCHES remix)

March 5, 2013

St. Lucia, an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea close to Barbados, is just lovely and very talented.

We’ve featured it on SGTMT before due to its unique ability to make smashing music.

There is some confusion over whether the island itself has made the music or whether it was a collective effort of the population of roughly 174,000 music lovers. Nobody is sure, so St. Lucia’s royalties are currently held by the government until such time as the issue can be resolved. Either way, we’re a fan.

Haha, just joking kids, St. Lucia is actually a chap named Jean-Philip Grobler who played as Liverpool FC‘s goalkeeper from 1981-1994 and is now working in music.

St. Lucia’s debut EP was released last year and one of the songs from the EP Before The Dive has been remixed by SGTMT’s favourite everyone’s favourite Glaswegian electro-pop sensation CHVRCHES. It’s a delight:

They are very good at that multi-layered electronica sound, you know. Very good at it. Here’s the original version:

Oh wait, that goalkeeper was a different guy. Sorry everyone.

Follow St. Lucia on his official site, Facebook and Twitter. Get a load of CHVRCHES at their official site, Facebook and Twitter. Find out more about the delightful island of St. Lucia here. Finally, swot up on Bruce Grobbelaar here.
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  1. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    ‘fess up.

    Either Chvrches are paying you backhanders, or one of you has a significant other in the band.

    Actually, I don’t care. Let your whimsy run free. And I loved that madness about the goalkeeper.

    I wish you were of my generation. When I end up in the care home, I fear being trapped in the TV room with people who still think Monty Python was the last word in comedy. No, I think on the whole a one-way ticket to Switzerland is the answer. Have a nice day.