Port Isla

Port Isla – Adventurers

February 28, 2013

Port Isla are from Norwich. Don’t let that put you off, seriously don’t. I mean there are plenty of reasons this could put you off. For instance, Norwich is in Norfolk, Norfolk is where they speak funny, Norfolk is where it’s flat and dull, Norfolk has only one redeeming feature – the coast and even this is ruined by aberrations such as Heacham and Hunstanton (though granted Cromer is ok). Anyway, seriously, don’t let that put you off…

Port Isla are best described as anthemic folk, which basically means not crap, complex folk written for ‘purists’, you can actually enjoy this lot. They have just released their latest single Adventurers:

Port Isla release Adventurers tomorrow. You can find more of them on SoundCloud and Facebook
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