Ghost Loft – Seconds (Twice As Nice remix)

The SGTMT loft is a pretty nondescript space. There’s a water tank, some old rush-seat chairs, lots of places we’re not allowed to stand or we’ll fall through the ceiling and a chain metal ladder we’re to use to escape in the event of a fire (it’s no use up in the loft, but it’s bulky and annoying). There are no ghosts.

We do have a rat, but it’s in the wall of the Dorm Room, not in the loft. Definitely no ghosts.

Ghost Loft is presumably named after this chap’s loft at home, stuffed full of ghosts. Poor guy. The thought gives us the willies. We’re persuaded to stick around though, because his music is splendid. Here’s Seconds:

We love those lazy drums and we’re a sucker for messed up vocals. Nice melody pal. There’s also a video and a Twice As Nice remix which gives it some extra oomph:

Ghost Loft is Danny Choi who’s based in Los Angeles, Yankland. He’s been busy for a while providing remixes of other people’s music and there’s a bit of a buzz about him so that nice Mark Ronseal Ronson used Seconds in a mix he did for Fabric.

Keep an eye on Ghost Loft on Facebook, Twitter and his official site. If it’s the remix you’re into here’s where you go for Twice As Nice. Seconds is out now and you can get your mits on it here.