Everything Everything // LIVE // Concorde 2 – February 7th 2013


There is one rule that you quickly learn whence attending a musical performance at Concorde 2 in Brighton – avoid the pillars. They’re poorly placed and afford a shocking eye-line, though they provide a nice leaning post and are a nice additional eccentricity to one of our favourite venues in the city. The lift (that’s still working?) that arrives in the room straight from the promenade is another pleasing peculiarity.

Fortunately this was a lesson we’d already learned from previous visits and we enjoyed an almost unobstructed view (blast the over-sized haircut in front of me who spent the evening taking pictures of himself) of the mighty Everything Everything.

Undrowned began our evening before quickly turning to the electric Kemosabe.

A peppering of old favourites from Man Alive adorn the set list but it’s the newbies that light up the evening and stir lead singer Jonathan Higgs into his most flamboyant performances. When we first saw the band back at the Reading Festival in 2010 they seemed a bunch of nervous students dressed as young lawyers on a mufti day. Now a different story is told as a sometimes bizarre energy possess Jonathan and the band, it’s quite a show.

New single Duet (released in March) is a particular highlight:

We’d have been disappointed if Final Form hadn’t made the show, and that featured from Man Alive alongside MY KZ, UR BF, Schoolin’, Suffragette Suffragette & Photoshop Handsome.

Before the obligatory encore the set closed with Cough Cough:

The evening concluded with the striking drum fueled Don’t Try with Jonathan howling ‘Don’t try to hide it no, don’t try’ ‘it’ll have you in the end’. There was little hiding the audiences appreciation of one of the best shows SGTMT has seen in a while.

Buy the first album from Everything Everything Man Alive and/or the excellent new album Arc