Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing

Ask Team SGTMT about the things we have found embarrassing and the list will be as long as your arm, and then some.

Falling over in the snow, bad haircuts, awkward attempts to procure girls’ phone numbers, calling the teacher ‘Mum‘, a long discussion with a group of chaps about the rock band Idlewild without realising the chaps we were talking to were in fact the rock band Idlewild; the list goes on.

Most of these occurred in Team SGTMT’s early years before we realised that none of it really matters. Now we shrug things off and forget about them. When you’re a kid though, it’s the end of the world.

Sky Ferreira is only 20 years old. Just a pup. She’s still at that age where absolutely everything is embarrassing, hence the title of her song:

Isn’t it wonderful? We’re a sucker for a piano and a striking female vocal that sounds like it was recorded from halfway down the corridor. It’s perfect; simple and elegant. And that bridge (or middle-eight or whatever it is) is magical. It hasn’t left the stereo in the SGTMT Listening Room since we heard it.

Now, we’re going to continue our record of not being embarrassed by things by not being embarrassed that we totally missed a song which everyone else went crazy for five months ago. Hey, some of you probably missed it too. And we get the pleasure of discovery now. Ha, the joke’s on everyone who heard it ages ago! Suckers!

There’s also a video too in which Sky pouts her way through the song:

And this Twin Shadow remix, which is ok, we guess:

Follow Sky Ferreira on her official site, Facebook and Twitter. Everything Is Embarrassing is taken from Sky Ferreira’s Ghost EP out now on Capitol, but we’ve been trying to find somewhere to buy a physical copy and failed – is it just on iTunes? Ugh.