Local Natives – Heavy Feet

A plague of the like not seen before has swept through the echelons of power at SGTMT HQ. We’ve taken all manner of medication but sadly our new year has been blighted by frailness, disease and the foreboding gloom of imminent death. Yes, we’ve had man-flu. Horrific.

Even now the tentacles of the evil infection still lingers and haunts our bodies. These once prime specimens of power and manliness have been brought low. But, fear is a worser evil and one we shall not contend with. We will be back, we will conquer. This affliction will hold us no longer. We will rise on the dawns of a new day. People of planet world; we’re back.

And what better way to finally get our new year started than the harmonised indie stylings of Local Natives.

Previous album Gorilla Manor was a huge win for us but sadly we did not warm to the first release (Breakers) from the new album Hummingbird. It’s your second album boys, you have two options – 1. do something radically different or 2. do the same as before but better. Sadly Breakers did neither. Shame.

However, in Heavy Feet we have a return of sorts to the Gorilla Manor vintage. We’re hoping Hummingbird as a whole delivers.

Get Hummingbird on Amazon. Also, don’t miss out on the excellent debut album by Local Natives Gorilla Manor