How To Dress Well – & It Was U (Doss Remix) // Free Download

Which night was Banger Night at SGTMT again? It’s Wednesdays now, starting this week.

How To Dress Well‘s & It Was U began life as a slow soulful 4/4 breaks number on his Total Loss LP released in September, and previously as a single come to think of it. Here, once label mate Doss has had his mits on it, it’s an anthemic hands-in-the-air drum n bass tinged bass monster. We freaking love it:

Haha brilliant, that’s great. Let’s do that again!:

Yeah, even better the second time! Banger Night is back! One more time?!

No, too much.

Keep an eye on How To Dress Well at his site and on Soundcloud. Total Loss, which has cropped up on end of year lists is out now, buy here.
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