Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In The Open EP

Benjamin Francis Leftwich bears a passing resemblance to a Gnome. The picture above doesn’t quite do the comparison justice, but trust me, I’ve seen him live and with his well-worn beanie in place he’s a spit for Big Ears from the Noddy cartoons. Granted he lacks the white beard and red pointy hat synonymous with Gnomes the world over, but let’s not spoil our tale.

I find it quite easy to imagine that at night all the Gnomes around the globe form into little local communities, Gnome gangs if you will. These Gnome gangs spend their nights rampaging the streets of our towns; they play pranks on sleeping pets, desecrate our garden ponds and cause havoc to our shrubbery. Then before the dawn comes, once their moonlit antics are done, they settle down with their MP3 players and spin some Benjamin Franics Leftwich tunes. It’s true people.

Anyways, Ben is back with a new EP – In The Open. Check:

Buy In The Open by Benjamin Francis Leftwich on CD from Amazon and / or get his first album Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm
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