We don’t talk enough about: Lindstrøm

Sometimes, only sometimes mind, we at SGTMT HQ go to work. We have proper jobs right, we don’t just lark around all day spinning coloured vinyl and blogging on the world wide web world. And sometimes, only sometimes of course, our work can be a little laborious. Fortunately on those days we can rely on Scandinavian Space Disco to keep us going.

Today the Scandinavian Space Disco (who would have thought it) comes from the undeniably talented Lindstrøm.

Lindstrøm is Hans-Peter Lindstrøm from Oslo, Norway. His music is best described as sounding like the result of boisterous bout between a Robot Polar Bear, a 1990s Microwave Oven (those ones you seemed to have to punch in endless combinations of beeping numbers for it just to ‘cook’ for one minute) and a disillusioned post renaissance Nordic composer armed with only a Harp and a Glockenspiel.

The new album Smalhans comes out today (buy it below). Go Hans.

Lindstrøm has released Smalhans on his own label. Get it on CD from Amazon or on MP3 from iTunes