We don’t talk enough about: High Highs

I’ve been an expert air-guitar player for years. Seriously I have. Way before there were air-guitar competitions and they turned pretending to play guitar (and simultaneously looking like an idiot) into a computer game. Way, way prior to that, in the beginning, I was there, banging at imaginary riffs and OWNING the art of pretend power chords.

But, in all my days of instrumental pretence I’ve rarely (if ever) played air-xylophone. Wait, wait; of course! No Surprises, I must have air-jammed on my make believe xylophone to No Surprises. Anyway I digress.

The latest track to lead me into the art of air-xylophone is this by High Highs (though on closer examination, it seems no xylophones were used on this track. Boo).

Open Season:

That’s a delight eh? High Highs are from Oz land and are currently working on their debut album. They specalise in that rarest of music genres – beautiful. I don’t know how else to describe their music, it’s perfectly peaceful, though with enough flourish and edge to keep the ears tuned in and the interest maintained. Love it.

Their latest release is Once Around The House:

This is how we first heard of them – Flowers Bloom:

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