River Jumpers are better than Richard Branson

October 22, 2012

Some people think that punk ate itself when Greenday turned American Idiot into a musical. I disagree. Punk ate itself when The Clash released an Album called Cut The Crap and when the Sex Pistols signed for Richard Branson. That’s right, Branson. The jumper wearing beardo with a messiah complex.

Punk always eats itself. That’s what it does. A new band comes along, burns brightly for a bit and then disappears into nothingness. But Punk being Punk it doesn’t care. That’s the point.

Punk got me in the early 90s when I first heard NoFX, Propaghandi, and The Clash. I know thats about 17 years too late, but well…shut up.

Anyways, last year I was listening to Mike Davies magnificent late night Punk show on Radio 1 and he threw in a track by the River Jumpers from their first EP. I was hooked. They are from Brighton (boo) but describe themselves as Punk (Huzzah) and have just finished a whole album. They are streaming it all on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Let’s be clear, I like them a lot. Simple songs, good production, a fine drummer and a singer with a bit of gusto. I suspect that they are fantastic live.

Last years EP is free to download.

Love them.

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  1. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    Don’t jump. Don’t jump. There are always alternatives, and you never know what is coming down the line. Just endure.

    That looks like Barnes Bridge ironwork, although I could be wrong. Famous place for downtrodden tweenies to end it all – so sad, so sad. And also the place where the infamous ‘head in a box’ was hurled into the Thames. Ah, those Victorians, they knew how to commit crime.

    No crimes here – nice music!

    Tim, are you any relation to the famous Matt? And how’s his hangover?

  2. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    It’s not Barnes Bridge. The whole thrust of my argument falls to the ground, sorry.

  3. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    Keep posting, siblings … you introduce me to new (and old) music and you do it in an entertaining way. Is this a family thing? Or have you sprung unbidden from the native rock? Incidentally, good use of the word ‘huzzah’, which is one of our own family weirdnesses. People laugh and point in the street, but we pay them no never mind.

  4. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    And actually, I meant to say Hammersmith Bridge. It’s probaby not that, either. See, just because it’s on the Internet, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. My Wikipedia entry says that I have a Nobel Prize, but on reflection that might be a slight exaggeration. But I do have my Cycling Proficiency, Grade II Piano, and Bronze Swimming Certificate. Oh, and a minor BSc degree in Applied Maths. I have never applied my maths, other than to work out my exes. But I suppose that’s enough.

    • Tim Simmonds says:

      I think it’s the seafront in Brighton

      • Ephraim Zimbalist says:

        OK, I suppose the pier sort of gives it away, there. See what I said about accuracy? Never trust anyone over 30, or anything you read that cannot be verified from at least three different sources. And if one of those sources is Wikipedia, you may as well just make it up as you go.