River Jumpers are better than Richard Branson

Some people think that punk ate itself when Greenday turned American Idiot into a musical. I disagree. Punk ate itself when The Clash released an Album called Cut The Crap and when the Sex Pistols signed for Richard Branson. That’s right, Branson. The jumper wearing beardo with a messiah complex.

Punk always eats itself. That’s what it does. A new band comes along, burns brightly for a bit and then disappears into nothingness. But Punk being Punk it doesn’t care. That’s the point.

Punk got me in the early 90s when I first heard NoFX, Propaghandi, and The Clash. I know thats about 17 years too late, but well…shut up.

Anyways, last year I was listening to Mike Davies magnificent late night Punk show on Radio 1 and he threw in a track by the River Jumpers from their first EP. I was hooked. They are from Brighton (boo) but describe themselves as Punk (Huzzah) and have just finished a whole album. They are streaming it all on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Let’s be clear, I like them a lot. Simple songs, good production, a fine drummer and a singer with a bit of gusto. I suspect that they are fantastic live.

Last years EP is free to download.

Love them.