Cheatahs – The Swan

October 10, 2012

Ok, Ok; I’ve got a good one for you, you’ll like this, it’s SO funny. Ok, you ready? Here we go..

An Englishman, a German, an American and a Canadian are, like, sitting in a recording studio, right, and then, like, this guy walks in (this is SO funny), and this guys says, er, he says; I’m a record label type guy and I’m from Wichita Records, so, I’m gonna sign you. The Englishman, German, American and Canadian get super excited and they write The Swan. THEN, The Swan gets written about on this AMAZING music blog (can you guess which blog? No? It’s us you fools. SGTMT. We’re the only amazing blog out there), and then after the AMAZING blog write about them the Englishman, German, American and Canadian get really famous and give all their profits to the handsome and intelligent writers of the AMAZING music blog.

Gee, that was quite a story.

Anyways, Cheatahs have indeed signed to Wichita Records. They are a peculiar transatlantic conglomerate now based in East London. Their assault on the heights of rock greatness has begun with the Himalayan (see how I turned that noun into a stunning adjective?) The Swan. Get ready.

Cheatahs’s debut release is the Sans EP. Get it on MP3 from iTunes.
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  1. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    Always got room for one more rowdy track with a heavily distorted riffing hook, love it. But I like lyrics, put the lyric track more forward in the mix! If there are words, I want to be able to hear them!

    (Joke format, eh, Matt? I’m your muse, admit it. What’s the hourly rate for muses, these days? I don’t do diaphanous peignoirs, by the way.)

  2. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    And now suddenly I have decided to watch ‘Dogma’ tonight, I don’t know why.

    Oh yes – ‘No ticket!’, and Alanis Morrissette as God! See, it all makes sense, somewhere in my head ….

  3. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    One day soon, you’re going to be in a meeting with the website designer, asking if fer crissake the comment section can’t be removed, because we have this nutter you wouldn’t believe ….

    Hey, if large numbers of normal people start posting normal comments, I will back off. Don’t want to freak out the straights. Seriously, I feel the pull of the void – you need more recognition. Is that the problem, people just want to consume, they don’t want to contribute? Doesn’t happen on YouTube, on there they free associate until the pills kick in. Discuss.