Keep an eye on… Coves

October 7, 2012

Coves are from Leamington Spa. I’m not really sure what to say after that, it’s a bit like saying ‘Alan Hansen has a side-parting’. It’s true but horribly boring. On that note we’ll move on…

I first came across Coves a few days ago when this Chris Isaak cover (seriously) hit the interwebs.

A band from Leamington Spa taking on Chris Isaak covers sounds like your classic Warwickshire weddings band, however don’t book Coves for your wedding / 50th anniversary bash / work Christmas party. Seriously, don’t book them, unless that is you like making your guests CRY. I’m not kidding, Coves are great but this is not party music, no, no, no.

Nonetheless, we like Coves, we like ‘em a lot.

Listen to ‘No Ladder’ and you’ll surely concur:

Buy Cast a Shadow by Coves on MP3 from iTunes
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